In my early 20s when I moved into my first apartment I realized that I had a knack for putting colors together as well as decorating capabilities. This was in 1981. I thought that what I was doing wasnt anything special. I felt everyone could coordinate and decorate. But as time went on I realized much later that everyone does not know how to decorate and put colors together. I met a few people that were interested in me painting, decorating and finding home decor items as well as furniture. I would offer my services by assisting and researching items that the client request of me, for instance wall decor, mirrors, and furniture to lighting accessories. Whatever is requested my research is done online and as well as from department stores like Bed Bath & Beyond & Pier One and others. BKAI paint story is being told as I began sharing my history from corporate America to where I would like to explore as the first African American woman to offer a new line of unique paint colors and would also offer my services of home interior design. I would like to thank my friend Robyn McClendon and Atiba Mitchell for inspiring me to invest in my potential.

BKAI INTERIOR PAINT emulates cultures choice of food that we all have in common
All foods have alluring beautiful shades of colors
Colors are basically similar. What separate BKAI interior paint is the purpose and the thought that connected, which again stems from Cultures Values Shared, Food.

BKAI is the Ethnicity of Color Decor. BKAI Interior Paint became the ideal after a conversation that I had with a friend whom always complimented me on how I decorate and painted the most of every apartment to condo and then finally to our home. Robyn said to me as she was leaving our home. Belinda, you know that I love your designing and the way that you put colors together. Why don't you think about having your own home interior paint line? And in the year of 2013 I start investing in my trademark name.